Construction Process

Perfected over the decades, the Silvercrest construction process is our foundation for building quality Manufactured Homes and Park Model RVs.

We take pride in our craftsmanship

Frequently asked questions about Silvercrest’s construction process

Q. Just how different are manufactured homes from homes built on-site?

A. You’re more familiar with manufactured homes than you might realize. Homes built on-site very often use components produced in a factory setting. These include pre-hung doors, windows, cabinet modules and roof trusses. The construction process for manufactured homes merely extends that concept throughout the home.

Q. So my manufactured home is completed inside a factory and delivered to the home site?

A. Your manufactured home will arrive 90 percent complete. That includes pre-wired electrical, rough plumbing and finished carpentry work. From there, work is coordinated by your local retailer, subcontractors and local utilities. They complete things such as concrete flat work, porches, decks and garages. They also hook up the home to power, water and sewer systems. Siding and trim are added to complete the unfinished parts of the exterior. Inside, some drywall and trim work is necessary to complete the walls and ceiling sections where the modules meet.

Q. Is Silvercrest’s factory just like a regular build site, but indoors?

A. Not at all. The factories where Silvercrest’s manufactured homes and modular homes are optimized to make the homebuilding process as efficient as possible. Each assembly line has 30 workstations that provide our craftsmen access to tools, jigs, tables and material handling equipment that allow them to craft high quality, stronger, more durable structures. In addition, there are multiple worktables and jigs where smaller components are put together and delivered to the assembly line with the use of overhead crane systems. The process and the equipment is not viable for on-site construction, but is what makes Silvercrest homes as good as they are.

Silvercrest construction process

Q. What kind of work on the home is completed on this assembly line?

A. A good portion: again, as much as 90 percent. Exterior and interior walls and roofs; painting; installation of cabinets, doors, windows and fixtures. Plumbing and electrical systems are completed and tested. Finishes to the interior and exterior of the home are applied, too.

Q. Does the construction work done in the factory undergo the same kind of inspection on-site work does?

A. If anything, the work conducted in our factories undergoes even more rigorous inspection. In addition to our own quality audits (more than 35 quality inspections), third-party federal or state inspectors examine the modules at multiple stages of the process and certify that each home exceeds the appropriate building code.

Q. Does Silvercrest consider energy efficiency when constructing their manufactured homes?

A. Absolutely:

  • The windows we install are energy efficient
  • We use Energy Star rated appliances and programmable thermostats
  • Our homes feature a combination of heating and cooling systems 20 to 30 percent more efficient than standard homes
  • We maintain high insulation requirements and a tight building envelope to keep the elements outside while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside

In addition, many of our models feature options that go even further:

  • Energy-saving tank-less gas water heater by Noritz®
  • Water-saving toilets
  • Efficient LED can lights throughout the home
  • Reflective roof sheathing for a cooler roof attic area, which saves you money on heating and cooling costs
  • Tubular skylights that save you money by providing abundant light for your home's interior during daylight hours

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